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Wafer capacity shortage

8-inch wafers are mainly used to produce MCUs, power management chips, MOSFETs, diodes, radio frequency chips, CMO

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Chip out of stock extends the semiconductor ecological chain

The global chip shortage is mainly due to insufficient production capacity, and the scheduled delivery of chips m

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TSMC and UMC responded to the price increase twice for the same batch of goods

Taiwanese media reports that manufacturers will release film orders in January, and will receive an additional 15% for pick-up in May?

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Price increase becomes a helpless move for manufacturers

In the case of general tight supply in the semiconductor field and serious shortages of related products, the im

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Will Intel Optane SSD retreat from the consumer market?

According to foreign media reports, Intel will no longer provide consumer-grade Optane SSDs in the future, which means that this product will be fully withdrawn from personal computers (desktops, laptops, etc ) Intel stated that in the future, Optane SSD

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Intel’s outsourced OEM orders may be postponed

Highly anticipated by the market, Intel’s outsourcing orders, which were originally expected to be announced

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"Lack of core" wave appeared at the end of the year

The performance of the semiconductor industry has always been "positively correlated " with the global economy, that

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Samsung transfers DRAM production capacity to CMOS

According to foreign media reports, due to the continuous shortage of foundry production capacity, especially the

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