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Emerging storage market size climbs to $44 billion

Emerging memory has already started to grow and should climb to about $44 billion by 2032 This is the semicond

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Analysis of the current situation of the global storage market

Led by the strong demand in the semiconductor market, the global semiconductor market will grow rapidly in 2021

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2nm does not represent the whole of semiconductors

Although most of the semiconductor market is occupied by mature processes, and most application fields do not req

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Samsung is rumored to cut storage prices to "grab the market"

In order to further expand its market share, Samsung Electronics plans to adjust its memory chip prices in the

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DRAM and NAND Flash prices fall

According to global semiconductor observation data, the prices of DRAM and NAND Flash continue to drop Despite t

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Intel CEO: Chip shortage may be difficult to solve by 2024

The chip shortage plaguing the world is expected to continue for some time According to CNBC, Intel CEO Pat Ge

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Samsung plans to raise prices as a whole, up to 20%

Samsung Electronics Co is in talks with foundry customers to hike semiconductor manufacturing costs by up to 20

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Global semiconductor shortage may ease in the second half of the year

In 2022, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai will be severe, especially the semiconductor manufacturin

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