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SRAM will disappear?

After decades of development and progress, the electronics industry almost formed a linear system, and by Moore s Law (Moore s Law) However, as Moore s law has gradually become loose, many new technologies gradually began to float on the table The

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Three large capacity, high speed nonvolatile SRAM contrast

In embedded systems, the use most non-volatile memory block is the EEPROM and FLASH (Non - Volatile), is mainly used to save the program or data, but the two have a common memory defect is slow to write, write algorithm is more complex, and cannot meet th

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Introducing Bluetooth mesh networking

Bluetooth mesh capability enables many-to-many device communications in large-scale device networks for building automation sensor networks and other IoT solutions

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Robots Get AI from Startup

Startup Embodied Intelligence announced software to embed machine-learning capabilities into industrial robots

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NXP to Bridge MCU & AP with 'Crossovers'

To use an MCU or not (and to opt for an apps processor instead)? This is an eternal question for embedded system designers, and one that NXP Semiconductors hopes to answer by launching a new high-end MCU

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Monolithic 3D: Promise, Challenges

Researchers said monolithic 3D chip stacks have promise but face several challenges at an event attended by CEA-Leti, Qualcomm, ARM and others

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DRAM Capacity Crunch Expected to Persist in 2018

With suppliers planning only limited capacity and demand on the rise, DRAMeXchange says price declines unlikely

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Apple Watch Packs Qualcomm LTE

Qualcomm supplied the LTE modem in the Apple Watch Series 3 as well as a handful of other wireless chips, acco

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