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Booming number of IC design companies in China A landslide over South Korea

Market research institutions, according to dramexchange IC design companies in China, the number of surge in hundreds of last year, rapid growth from 736 to 1362 Overwhelmingly over the years has been more than 200 scale marking time of the republic of Ko

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DRAM memory record high prices, rally when to stop?

Since the second half of last year and DDR3 DDR4 memory prices are soaring, when it will stop the rally?Red city will be continued until the second quarter of this year, in the third quarter may be stabilized, however, that does not mean that the price wi

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Memory chips NAND Flash encapsulation EMI shielding technology in the future how

September 2012, Apple (Apple) to launch the iPhone 5, is put forward to use of the technology of electromagnetic interference shielding NAND Flash encapsulation for iPhone, samsung had failed to meet Apple this requirement in technology,

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The difference between the SDRAM and SRAM

SDRAM SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, need to be synchronized clock synchronization refers to the Memory work, internal commands and data transmission for sending on the b

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NAND FLASH supply ease or will be in the second quarter of 2018

For technical transformation, 2 d NAND yields narrowed, and 3 d NAND climbing make NAND Flash source shortage, prices soaring Consumer the price per GB flash memory products from more than $0 12 to $0 12 in 2016, the mainstream of eMMC products rose more

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Dual port sram characteristics is introduced

(1) competition for the same address unit access control    If access to the same storage cell of dual port RAM at the same time, will cause the distortion of data access In order to prevent the happening of the conflict, t

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Dual port sram profile

Random Access Memory (Random Access Memory, RAM), also known as "RAM ", is a direct exchange data with the CPU internal Memory, also known as the deposit It can read and write at any time, and fast, usually as an operating system or other tempora

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The difference between RAM, SRAM and FLASH

RAM is a semiconductor Memory, RAM is the abbreviation of the Random Access Memory RAM is usually in power after the loss of data, the typical RAM is the computer s memory

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