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The difference between RAM, SRAM and FLASH

RAM is a semiconductor Memory, RAM is the abbreviation of the Random Access Memory RAM is usually in power after the loss of data, the typical RAM is the computer s memory

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With error correcting code synchronization SRAM, effectively release the P

Ultra small volume CAN CANFD isolation transceiver module of TD - MCAN TD - MCANFD series Integrated power supply isolation, signal isolation, the CAN transceiver and bus protection in the integr

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Nonvolatile memory is a good opportunity

In recent years the Internet development in full swing, the boom will push memory requirements Cars, mobile device, industrial device such as a machine to machine (M2M) several years of rising demand for solid-state drives, combined with embedded system w

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Semiconductor giant developing eMRAM memory

In addition to the high speed computing and data center storage requirements, non-volatile memory, the Internet of things need instant information storage requirements, involving the Internet of things need data high durability, low energy consumption, ev

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Storage solutions - external SRAM based on FPGA

externalSRAMRefers to the connection in the FPGA external static RAM (SRAM) There are many kinds of external SRAM memory also For the choice of external SRAM is decided by the nature of the application requirements Both advantages and disadvantages of usi

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Based on the technology of ReRAM SSD forthcoming

SSD though can be stacked layers to increase the single grain capacity, but as the layer number increasing, the number, the more need of silicon perforation manufacturing difficulty increase, not only the production cost is high, the roa also cannot be gu

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SRAM will disappear?

After decades of development and progress, the electronics industry almost formed a linear system, and by Moore s Law (Moore s Law) However, as Moore s law has gradually become loose, many new technologies gradually began to float on the table The

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Three large capacity, high speed nonvolatile SRAM contrast

In embedded systems, the use most non-volatile memory block is the EEPROM and FLASH (Non - Volatile), is mainly used to save the program or data, but the two have a common memory defect is slow to write, write algorithm is more complex, and cannot meet th

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