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NOR Flash Standard Meets Instant-On Expectations

IoT applications need a richer complement of memory than most MCUs offer, and the bandwidth of serial NOR flash make it a logical solution to the problem

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IPhone 8 Chips Come into View

Apple s iPhone 8 Plus sports an A11 processor 30% smaller than in the A10 in the iPhone 7, according to a TechInsights teardown of it and other chips

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STTMRAM to lead $4.6B non-volatile memory market in 2021

Non-volatile memory is still limited to niche markets due to limited densities, but this will change in the near

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MRAM pioneer develops 20nm magnetic tunnel

MRAM is being tipped as the prime embedded non-volatile memory option at 28nm MRAM technology developer Spin Trans

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MRAM development gains momentum

MRAM is a promising replacement for SRAM, DRAM and flash that are facing serious scaling challenges as the industry moves to smaller nodes

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Memory IC sales to show strong growth through 2021

IC Insight’s 2017 McClean Report forecasts that revenues for memory products will increase by a 7 3% CAGR to $109 9 billion in 2021

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Flash memory adopts 3b-per-cell TLC tech

Toshiba’s 64-layer device with 3b-per-cell TLC BiCS Flash Device bundles 1TB 3D flash memory capacity and pe

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Crossbar ReRAM chases terabyte non-volatile memory

The ReRAM is showing advantages over flash memory, including read latencies of 20 nanoseconds and write latencies

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