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FRAM the mainstream memory circle

Ferroelectric memory (FRAM) in technical advantages far beyond SRAM and DRAM block and EEPROM, but due to the high cost of production to let the crushed by traditional memory in memory the mainstream market More than 20 years development always wander bey

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Accelerated the localization process is expected to chip

In recent years, people s rising living standards, smart phones, tablets, and solid-state drives and other digital products demand is growing sharply, and led to the rapid development of the storage industry

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Storage market competition is the key technical personnel

National integrated circuit industry investment fund President Ding Wenwu in "international IC industry development peak BBS " pointed out that our country imports the most commodities is memory, today in 2015, imports

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Storage industry patent plumes Who is the winner?

Memory to the development of science and technology is increasingly vigorous, in addition to the core technology of competition, patent has become a memory technology company competitive weapon, according to the survey report shows that this phenomenon

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Nor Flash up too?

This year,Memory chipsShortage of effect continues to expand, the DRAM and Flash storage type storage (NAND Flash) shoots out of the calendar year after the biggest gain in the offseason, encod

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Global memory market grew by 10% in 2017

Memory chipsMarket after the 2013 and 2014 for two consecutive years of growth more than 20% of the good situation, after the 2015 global storage market Both supplier merge, capacity control and new application using used to think that is a good

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DRAM memory for out of stock, and price

According to Taiwan s economic daily news, Kingston, chairman Chen jh in south three bamboo factory liang group company at the ceremony, onMemory chipsTo make a new analysis and DRAM market He stressed that the current

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Smic successfully produced 40 nm ReRAM memory chips

Chinese companies are represented by purple light spend tens of billions of dollars into NAND, DRAM memory chip market, will be launched in 2018 domestic 3 d NAND flash memory, hope can meet the national demands its self-sufficiency rate of chip

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