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Everspin's nvNITRO targets evolving MRAM marke

Initial nvNITRO accelerators will be available in capacities of a 1GB and 2GB, based on Everspin’s 256Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM

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Embedded MRAM moves into 22nm node

eMRAM has the ability to retain data through solder reflow at 260°C, and for more than 10 years at 125°C, plus read write with outstanding endurance at 125°C

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SRAM takes the wheel in automotive segment

SRAM is taking the wheel in the growing automotive segment, as vehicles continue to get smarter and provider more digital information, whether it s to help the driver or entertain the passengers

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Memory makeover: DRAM days numbered as Japan eyes MRAM

A Japan-U S alliance is targeting a replacement for DRAM -- a longstanding staple of computer hardware

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Memory demand boosts Micron's sales

Favourable pricings for DRAM and NAND have bolstered Micron s market performance Building on the momentum that started late last year, Micron Technology Inc has posted a strong fiscal third quarter that ended in June 1

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MCUs target cost sensitive always-on devices

STMicroelectronics has released two MCUs that combine ARM Cortex-M4 with dynamic efficiency technologies that cut RUN mode current to 112µA MHz

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Why FPGAs are good fit for industrial applications

The overall average lifetime of manufacturing equipment is growing, and designers need to utilise and deploy components that will work reliably for decades

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Body motion may soon power mobile devices

As interest in TENGs grows, researchers are looking to address the real-world feasibility of the technology and understand how to optimise the energy conversion

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