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4D tech prints moveable, shape changing objects

Researchers at ETH Zurich are taking the idea of 4D printing up a notch by creating a construction principle that will allow them to control how flat structures change their configurations

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Infineon joins top 10 semicon vendor club

Infineon has joined IC Insights top 10 semiconductor vendor ranking on the back of performance in the automotive sector, while Samsung is expected to replace Intel in the number 1 spot

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Why FPGAs are good fit for industrial applications

The overall average lifetime of manufacturing equipment is growing, and designers need to utilise and deploy components that will work reliably for decades

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Body motion may soon power mobile devices

As interest in TENGs grows, researchers are looking to address the real-world feasibility of the technology and understand how to optimise the energy conversion

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Tri-stimulus XYZ sensor mimics eye's response curve

The AS7261 is a CCT and full-colour sensor that provides direct XYZ colour coordinates consistent with the CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer framework, according to Ams

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Can Foxconn lead Taiwan's auto market bid?

Known for building Apple s iPhones and iPads, Foxconn may hold the key to Taiwan s success in the auto market

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Safe driving takes centre stage in AutoTronics

Innovators at AutoTronics Taipei exhibited technologies that focus on improving ADAS

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